About RDI

RDI performs residential, multifamily, and commercial remodeling from small to large projects. When we were developing the concept for RDI we decided that bigger was not better. The concept is to stay small, responsive, and friendly yet to be big enough to be able to handle larger projects as well as multiple projects at the same time.

Michael Markstahler is the president and owner of RDI. Michael is responsible for bidding and project development.

Elizabeth Markstahler is the production manager for RDI. Elizabeth was one of the founders of the former CRC (the Community Recycling Center) and was the Operations Manager for CRC for over ten years. She brings that wealth of skills to each RDI project. Her official job is scheduling, coordination of sub-contractors, and material deliveries. However hers is a hands on style. She is much more comfortable at the lumberyard or the jobsite than behind her desk at the office. Our customers become well acquainted with her and her attention to customer service. She has been RDI’s Production Manager for 21 years. (We get asked a lot: For the curious, Elizabeth and Michael, once were married but now are just good friends.)

We employ a small number of talented trades people. We supplement these with a small set of trusted sub-contractors that we select to fit the best ones to the specific project. All of them we have worked with for years. In this way we can easily contract or expand to cover a variety of projects. We also have good working relationships with a few select design professionals. They make it possible for RDI to offer design build options to our customers.