Michael is great to work with and the crew at RDI is top notch. We have had them do renovation work in our home almost every year since we bought it in 2003 (then 25 years old). Michael and the crew are experts and we trust them, and their work, completely. We no longer seek additional bids when we need something done--we just call RDI. I could only select 3 attributes but tried to include 'personable' as well, because it is a delight to deal with Michael.

    -— Steven Huber, Plant Physiologist and Professor of Plant Biology at USDA/A


Hello and welcome to our web site!

We use the tag ‘The Renovations People’ very consciously.  When our firm first started in the early 1980s we were a general construction business.  We tried to do it all.  We built several large custom homes, large apartment complexes and condominium developments.

New construction is a great deal like assembly line factory work out in an open field.  It is very very different set of skills that is required from those of a professional remodeler.  We were realizing that we actually needed to run two sets of crews.  In the mid-1990’s we made a conscious choice to no longer build new buildings.

We consider renovations, remodeling and adding to existing structures to be the last bastion of the true master carpenter.  We have designed our web site to aid you, the client and owner, in becoming a full participant in the process.

If this is your first dive into a renovations project or if you had a bad experience with a previous firm may I suggest that you read on our web site under RESOURCES the following articles – Bamboozled, Consumer Rights and How to Select a Remodeler.

Once you understand a bit more about the remodeling industry you will be prepared to start thinking about your project.  For this may I suggest under RESOURSES the article Tips.  You might also wish to read through Living With It.

For more technical grounding you might also wish to review Building Codes, Calculating Wages & Project Costs and Lead Certification.  These will give you a better understanding and more even footing with your remodeler.

We have recently begun to offer some photos on our site.  For a number of years we did not.  However we have been pressed to show photos of before and after.  We are also showing a couple of projects all the way through from start to finish.  These you can see under Current Projects.

There is another section with a few previous customer’s comments about RDI.  Every remodeler has a few customer’s who think they are terrible.  We have a jar in our office labeled “ASHES of PROBLEM CUSTOMERS”.  We actually have only two customers who we have fantasies of being in that jar.  Currently 85% of all of our work is either repeat customers or referrals from previous customers.  We think that is a good recommendation in and of itself.

I hope you find our site helpful.  Drop me a line if you have comments.


Michael Markstahler, president